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Former WWE Star Cody Rhodes Says Goodbye to Neck Tattoo

Former WWE star, Cody Rhodes, has bid goodbye to one of his most iconic tattoos – the neck tattoo. The wrestler took to social media to post a picture of his new look, revealing that he has covered up the neck tattoo he had for over a decade.

The tattoo had become a defining feature of Rhodes’ persona, but he decided it was time for a change. In the post, he thanked his tattoo artist for the painful yet relaxing process of getting the tattoo removed. Fans of the wrestler were surprised by the move and flooded his social media with congratulatory messages.

Rhodes is no stranger to taking bold steps in his career and personal life, and this move has only added to his reputation as a risk-taker. His decision to remove the tattoo is a reminder that change is necessary at times, even if it means letting go of something that has been a part of you for so long.

If you’re a fan of the wrestler or simply intrigued by his decision, read on to learn more about why he decided to say goodbye to the neck tattoo and what his plans are for the future!

Cody Rhodes Neck Tattoo Removed
“Cody Rhodes Neck Tattoo Removed” ~ bbaz

Former WWE Star Cody Rhodes Says Goodbye to Neck Tattoo

Cody Rhodes, the former WWE wrestler, recently announced that he has bid goodbye to one of the most prominent tattoos on his body – the neck tattoo. He shared this news on his social media accounts, stating that he got the tattoo removed after a lot of thought and consideration.

The Significance of the Neck Tattoo

The tattoo in question was a large neck piece, which Cody got when he was 20 years old. It featured an intricate design, including a skull with horns and wings, flames, and his initials. Over the years, it became a defining feature of his appearance, and fans associated it with his persona.

Why Remove the Tattoo?

In his announcement, Cody revealed that he got the tattoo removed to move past some of the negativity he experienced in the wrestling world. He stated that he didn’t want to be defined by his past experiences and wanted a fresh start.

The Process of Removal

Cody also shared that the process of removing the tattoo was lengthy and painful. He had to undergo several laser treatments, which involved zapping the ink with a high-intensity beam of light. Each session would cause intense pain, and he compared it to being repeatedly snapped by a rubber band. However, he powered through the discomfort and completed the process.

The Before and After

Cody Cody
Before After

The Impact on His Career

Cody’s decision to remove the tattoo could have an impact on his career as a wrestler. Fans often associate certain looks and characteristics with their favorite wrestlers, and Cody’s neck tattoo was one such feature. However, Cody seems determined to move past it and reinvent himself.

The Reactions from Fans

The reactions from Cody’s fans have been mixed. Some have expressed disappointment that he removed the tattoo, as they felt it was a defining part of his appearance. Others have commended him for making a bold move and letting go of the past. Overall, though, it seems like most fans still support Cody and his decision.

What Does the Future Hold?

Only time will tell what impact Cody’s decision will have on his career and personal life. One thing is certain, though – he is not afraid to make bold moves and take control of his own narrative. Whether he continues to reinvent himself or sticks to his roots, fans will always be cheering him on.


Removing a significant tattoo like the neck piece takes a lot of courage and determination. Cody Rhodes has shown that he has both. His decision to remove the tattoo may have both negative and positive effects on his career, but it’s ultimately a personal choice that he should be proud of. As fans, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this talented wrestler.

Thank you for taking the time to read about former WWE star Cody Rhodes’ decision to say goodbye to his neck tattoo. It’s always interesting to see celebrities and public figures make changes to their appearance, especially when it involves something as permanent as a tattoo.

Cody’s decision to remove his neck tattoo, which featured an image of his late father Dusty Rhodes, was a personal one. He explained in a video that he felt it was time to move on from the tattoo and honor his father’s memory in other ways. It’s a brave decision, as tattoos can be deeply personal and emotional to their wearers.

We wish Cody all the best as he continues to navigate life both in and out of the wrestling ring. It’s clear that he holds a special place in his heart for his father and his legacy, and we’re sure he’ll find new and unique ways to honor and remember him going forward.

People also ask about former WWE star Cody Rhodes saying goodbye to his neck tattoo:

  1. Why did Cody Rhodes get rid of his neck tattoo?
  2. Cody Rhodes got rid of his neck tattoo because he wanted to move away from his old persona and start fresh with a new look.

  3. What was the significance of Cody Rhodes’ neck tattoo?
  4. Cody Rhodes’ neck tattoo represented his former wrestling gimmick, Stardust, which he portrayed for several years in WWE. The tattoo was a star with wings, which was the logo for his character.

  5. Did Cody Rhodes regret getting his neck tattoo?
  6. No, Cody Rhodes did not regret getting his neck tattoo. He stated that it was a part of his journey and that he appreciated the experience and memories associated with it.

  7. What is Cody Rhodes’ new look?
  8. Cody Rhodes’ new look includes a clean-shaven face, shorter hair, and a more refined and classic style. He has also been wearing suits and ties for his appearances on AEW Dynamite.

  9. Will Cody Rhodes ever return to WWE?
  10. It is uncertain if Cody Rhodes will ever return to WWE. He left the company in 2016 and has since become one of the top stars in All Elite Wrestling (AEW).