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10 Stunning Sorority Tattoos for Greek Life Enthusiasts

For Greek Life enthusiasts who want to showcase their pride and solidify their bonds, there’s nothing quite like a stunning sorority tattoo! With the right design, a tattoo can not only be a beautiful piece of art but a constant reminder of the lifelong connections made through Greek Life. If you’re considering getting a sorority tattoo, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of ten gorgeous designs that are sure to inspire you.First up, we have the classic sorority letters tattoo. This design features your sorority’s Greek letters in a sleek, minimalist font. It’s simple yet sophisticated and is a great way to show off your allegiance to your sisters.If you’re looking for something a little more intricate, consider a design that incorporates your sorority’s symbols. For example, a Delta Gamma might get a tattoo featuring an anchor or a lion, while a Chi Omega might opt for their iconic owl.Another popular option is a tattoo that incorporates your years in your sorority. For example, you could get the date you joined and the year you graduated tattooed on your wrist or ankle. It’s a subtle way to show off your membership that only other Greek Life members will truly understand.Whatever your style, we guarantee there’s a sorority tattoo out there for you! So why not take the plunge and show your pride for your sisters? Who knows, you might even inspire others to do the same.

Sorority Tattoos
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Sorority tattoos have always been a way for Greek life enthusiasts to represent their lifelong commitment to their fraternity or sorority. These stunning pieces of body art are not just a symbol of unity but also a mark of pride that showcases the wearer’s loyalty and love for their organization. In this article, we will take a closer look at ten exceptional sorority tattoos and what they signify.

1. Alpha Phi Circle Tattoo

The Alpha Phi Circle Tattoo is the perfect representation of sisterhood and devotion to Alpha Phi Fraternity. This bold and classy design features the Alpha Phi symbol inside a circle, which symbolizes unity and solidarity. It represents the tight-knit bond between all the sisters of the fraternity.

2. Kappa Delta Rose Tattoo

Kappa Delta Rose Tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos among Kappa Delta sisters. This delicate and intricate design depicts the sorority’s official flower, the white rose. The tattoo signifies the sorority’s values of mutual support and lifelong friendship.

3. Tri Sigma Turtle Tattoo

The Tri Sigma Turtle Tattoo represents longevity, endurance, and resilience of Sigma Sigma Sigma sisters. The turtle is a symbol of stability and protection, reflecting the sorority’s values of sisterhood and support. Moreover, it also signifies the sorority’s commitment to philanthropy.

4. Delta Gamma Anchor Tattoo

The Delta Gamma Anchor Tattoo is famous for its simplicity and elegance. The anchor represents hope and stability, signifying the bond of sisterhood amongst Delta Gamma sisters. It also signifies the sorority’s commitment to serving the visually impaired through their philanthropic endeavors.

5. Zeta Tau Alpha Crown Tattoo

The Zeta Tau Alpha Crown Tattoo represents the sorority’s commitment to leadership and scholarship. The tattoo is a symbol of power, grace, and elegance, reflecting the sorority’s motto Seek the Noblest. Moreover, it also signifies the sorority’s support for breast cancer education and awareness.

6. Chi Omega Owl Tattoo

The Chi Omega Owl Tattoo is an iconic symbol that represents knowledge, wisdom, and achievement. The owl is also a symbol of hope and vision, signifying the sorority’s commitment to supporting their philanthropic endeavors such as Make-A-Wish Foundation.

7. Alpha Xi Delta Quill Tattoo

The Alpha Xi Delta Quill Tattoo represents the sorority’s values of knowledge, leadership, and service. The quill symbolizes education, learning, and intellect, reflecting the sorority’s commitment to academic excellence. It also signifies the sorority’s support for autism awareness through their signature philanthropy, Autism Speaks.

8. Delta Zeta Shell Tattoo

The Delta Zeta Shell Tattoo represents the sorority’s values of sisterhood, loyalty, and philanthropy. The shell design features the sorority’s official colors, pink and green. It signifies the sorority’s commitment to helping the speech and hearing-impaired through its philanthropic pursuits.

9. Sigma Kappa Dove Tattoo

The Sigma Kappa Dove Tattoo represents love, peace, and harmony. The dove symbolizes the sorority’s values of unity, compassion, and kindness. It also signifies the sorority’s commitment to Alzheimer’s disease research through their philanthropic pursuits.

10. Delta Sigma Theta Elephant Tattoo

The Delta Sigma Theta Elephant Tattoo is a symbol of strength, dignity, and courage. The elephant also represents wisdom, loyalty, and leadership, reflecting the sorority’s values of academic excellence, community service, and sisterhood. It also signifies the sorority’s commitment to social activism and reproductive health issues.


These ten sorority tattoos are just a few examples of the stunning body art that represents various sororities’ values, principles, and support for their philanthropic endeavors. As you can see, these tattoos are not only visually appealing but also symbolically significant as they reflect the wearer’s lifelong commitment to their fraternity or sorority. The sorority tattoos represent a unique way to showcase your loyalty, love, and pride to the world.

Sorority Name Tattoo Design Symbolism Philanthropy
Alpha Phi Circle Tattoo Sisterhood, Unity Women’s Heart Health, Alpha Phi Foundation
Kappa Delta Rose Tattoo Mutual Support, Friendship Preventing Child Abuse, Girl Scouts of America
Tri Sigma Turtle Tattoo Stability, Endurance Tri Sigma Foundation, Play Therapy Initiatives
Delta Gamma Anchor Tattoo Hope, Stability Service for the visually impaired
Zeta Tau Alpha Crown Tattoo Leadership, Scholarship Breast Cancer Education and awareness
Chi Omega Owl Tattoo Wisdom, Achievement Make-A-Wish Foundation, Girls on the Run
Alpha Xi Delta Quill Tattoo Knowledge, Leadership Autism Speaks
Delta Zeta Shell Tattoo Sisterhood, Loyalty Hearing and speech-related organizations
Sigma Kappa Dove Tattoo Love, Peace Alzheimer’s disease research
Delta Sigma Theta Elephant Tattoo Strength, Courage Social Activism, Reproductive Health Issues

We hope that you’ve enjoyed taking a look at some of the most beautiful sorority tattoos on the internet! Whether you’re a lifelong member of your sorority or just thinking about joining, there’s something truly special about having a symbol of sisterhood permanently inked onto your skin. These designs are all unique, yet representative of the close bond that Greek life fosters.

Remember, tattoos are deeply personal and should always hold meaning to you. While it can be tempting to get caught up in trends and popular designs, ultimately the decision of what to get permanently etched on your body should come from the heart. Ask yourself what message you want to send to the world, and how your tattoo will represent your values, your passions, and your journey through life.

If you’re already sporting a sorority tattoo, we’d love to hear your story! Did you design it yourself or work with a tattoo artist? What does it mean to you? Let us know in the comments below. And if you’re still on the fence about getting inked, take some time to consider what kind of design would best express your unique relationship with your sorority sisters. A well-chosen tattoo could be the perfect way to show the world where your heart truly lies.

Are you a proud member of a sorority and looking for a way to show off your Greek life enthusiasm? Consider getting a stunning sorority tattoo! Here are 10 frequently asked questions about sorority tattoos:

  1. What are some popular sorority tattoo designs?

    • Letters or symbols of your sorority
    • Symbols of sisterhood (e.g. infinity symbol, heart, etc.)
    • Flowers or other meaningful images
  2. Where should I get my sorority tattoo?

    • Common locations include the wrist, ankle, back of neck, or behind the ear
    • Consider a spot that can be easily covered up if needed (e.g. for a job interview)
  3. How do I choose a tattoo artist?

    • Look for an artist with experience in fine line or small tattoos
    • Read reviews and check out their portfolio to ensure they have a style you like
    • Make sure they use sterile equipment and follow proper safety protocols
  4. Will getting a sorority tattoo hurt?

    • Tattoo pain varies from person to person, but most people describe it as a discomfort rather than intense pain
    • Some areas of the body may be more sensitive than others
  5. How long does a sorority tattoo take to heal?

    • Healing time can vary, but generally takes 2-4 weeks
    • During this time, it’s important to keep the tattoo clean and avoid exposing it to direct sunlight or soaking in water
  6. Can I get a sorority tattoo if I’m not a member of that sorority?

    • It’s generally not recommended to get a tattoo representing a group you’re not a part of
    • Consider getting a different design that represents your own values or interests
  7. Do sororities have rules about tattoos?

    • Each sorority may have its own policies regarding tattoos
    • It’s important to check with your sorority’s national organization or local chapter before getting a tattoo
  8. How much does a sorority tattoo cost?

    • The cost of a tattoo can vary based on size, complexity, and location
    • Expect to pay at least $50-$100 for a small design
  9. What should I do to prepare for my tattoo appointment?

    • Eat a good meal beforehand and stay hydrated
    • Avoid alcohol or drugs that could thin your blood
    • Wear comfortable clothing that allows access to the area you’re getting tattooed
  10. How do I take care of my sorority tattoo after getting it?

    • Follow your artist’s specific aftercare instructions
    • Avoid scratching or picking at the tattoo
    • Moisturize the tattoo regularly to prevent dryness and cracking