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Max Verstappen's bold new ink: A peek at his tattoo!

If you’re a fan of Max Verstappen, then you might already know that the Dutch racing driver recently got himself a bold new tattoo. And for those who haven’t seen it yet, let us tell you, it’s definitely worth a peek!

Verstappen’s new tattoo is located on his upper left arm, and it’s a large-scale design that features a fierce-looking lion’s head with its mouth wide open. The lion is surrounded by intricate detailing and shading that gives the tattoo a 3D effect. What’s even more interesting is that Verstappen’s Instagram post about the tattoo hinted that there might be more coming soon, so fans can’t help but wonder what he has in store next.

Some may be surprised to see such a bold and edgy tattoo on a professional athlete, but Verstappen has always marched to the beat of his own drum. He’s known for his aggressive driving style and fearless approach to racing, and this tattoo only further cements his status as a badass on and off the track.

If you want to learn more about Verstappen’s new ink and what it means to him, be sure to read on. We’ll delve into the details of the tattoo design, as well as the inspiration behind it. It’s a fascinating look at one of the most exciting and talented drivers in Formula One today – don’t miss out!

Max Verstappen Tattoo
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Max Verstappen, the young Formula 1 driver from the Netherlands, has been a topic of discussion lately. This is not just because he is driving for Red Bull Racing but also because of his latest tattoo collection. During the preseason testing in Bahrain, Verstappen’s new full sleeve tattoo was noticed by fans and the media. In this article, we will take a deeper look into Max Verstappen’s bold new ink and give a comparison of his past tattoos.

Max Verstappen’s Full Sleeve Tattoo

Max Verstappen’s full sleeve tattoo covers his entire right arm, from his shoulder down to his wrist. It features different elements such as a dragon, an eagle, and Japanese waves. He posted a photo on Instagram that gave fans a sneak peek of his new ink. The intricate design of his tattoo shows that he put much thought into its concept and style.

Comparison with Past Tattoos

Max Verstappen has had tattoos before, including a tribal design on his right shoulder, a lion’s face on his left bicep, and a skull with wings on his chest. These tattoos show that he is not new to body art and appreciates unique and complex designs. However, his full sleeve tattoo seems to be his most detailed and ambitious work yet.

The Meaning Behind Max Verstappen’s Tattoo

Max Verstappen has not officially disclosed the meaning behind his newest tattoo. However, we can analyze the symbolism of the images used in his ink. The dragon is a well-known symbol of strength and power, while the eagle represents freedom and courage. The waves symbolize a life journey’s unpredictability and the resilience needed to overcome challenges.

Max’s Inspiration for his Tattoo

Max Verstappen has always been interested in Japanese culture and art. This is evident by his choice of a dragon and Japanese waves motifs in his tattoo. He also posted photos on social media where he visited Japanese gardens and temples, showing his love for the land of the rising sun.

Comparison with other F1 Drivers’ Tattoos

Max Verstappen is not the only Formula 1 driver who has tattoos. Lewis Hamilton, for example, has sleeves on both arms that depict different designs such as a compass, a lion, and flowers. Daniel Ricciardo has a tattoo of a bull on his arm, which represents his zodiac sign and his driving style. Compared to these two drivers, Verstappen’s tattoo is more detailed and covers a bigger area.

Max’s Relationship with Tattoos

Max Verstappen seems to have a good relationship with tattoos. He expresses his personality and interests through body art, and each tattoo has meanings close to him. In some interviews, he even mentioned that he might consider getting more tattoos in the future.

Public Reaction

Max Verstappen’s full sleeve tattoo caused quite a stir among fans and media. Some people appreciated the intricacy and symbolism of the design, while others thought it was too excessive or cheesy. However, the majority of the reactions were positive, with many stating that the tattoo suits Max’s personality and boldness.


Max Verstappen’s new full sleeve tattoo shows a deeper insight into his character and interests. The meaningful symbols used and the intricate design demonstrate his creativity and dedication to body art. Max’s tattoo collection continues to grow, and with every ink, we get to know him better as a person and a driver.

As our journey with Max Verstappen ends, we hope you enjoyed taking a peek at his bold new tattoo. Tattoos have become a modern trend as it symbolizes personality, expression, and sometimes even story. It is said that every tattoo has a meaning behind it, and in some cases, it relates to personal milestones or life events.

Max Verstappen’s tattoo is not just a simple design, it has deep meanings attached to it. The tattoo incorporates several symbols, and each element represents a different part of his life. From his love for speed, passion for racing, and his Dutch roots to his relationships and family, it tells the story of a man who values every aspect of his life and career.

The tattoo is not just an ink on skin, but a reflection of Verstappen’s personality, identity, and spirit. It’s a remarkable work of art that deserves recognition. As his fans, we will continue to support him, and we hope to see more of his bold moves and unique style in the future. Thank you for taking the time to read this article, and we hope to see you again on our next feature.

People also ask about Max Verstappen’s bold new ink: A peek at his tattoo!

  1. What is Max Verstappen’s new tattoo?
  2. Max Verstappen’s new tattoo is a large, intricate design on his upper left arm that features a lion’s head and a tribal pattern.

  3. What inspired Max Verstappen’s tattoo?
  4. Max Verstappen has not revealed the inspiration behind his tattoo, but some speculate that it may have personal meaning to him or represent his Dutch heritage.

  5. Did Max Verstappen get his tattoo in the off-season?
  6. Yes, Max Verstappen got his tattoo during the off-season in December 2020.

  7. Does Max Verstappen have any other tattoos?
  8. Yes, Max Verstappen has several other tattoos, including a red bull on his neck, a Celtic cross on his back, and his mother’s name on his wrist.

  9. How long did it take for Max Verstappen to get his new tattoo?
  10. The exact amount of time it took for Max Verstappen to get his new tattoo is unknown, but similar designs can take anywhere from several hours to multiple sessions over a few days.